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Private Dance Lessons in English

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  • Время: 45-60 мин.
  • Цена: 500-600 грн.

Private Dance Lessons in English in KIEV, Ukraine
096 95 000 95

Private lessons for all types of dance. This is the place to go for couples dancing (more than 40 styles): Argentine Tango, Waltz, Salsa, Bachata, Swing, Lindy Hop and...
We offer one-off workshops and multi-week courses for all levels so that you can not only learn a new dance, but make dance friends.

If you always dreamt to dance but it never happened, or if you are experienced dancer but open for new ideas and maybe techniques, we invite you to have a private lesson with a great dancer and teacher.
You can choose what kind of a dance you would like to learn. Definitely we can advise you to try Argentinian Tango, especially if you want to try something new with your beloved one.
Tango will help you to feel passion for life and for your partner. At the same time tango is very interesting to learn because there are plenty of variants which you can merge into your dance improvisation.
Just be brave and let's dance!

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