International Dance School

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שיעורים קבוצתיים בקייב. ריקודים סלוניים ולטיניים

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  • Время: 45-60 мин.

שיעורים קבוצתיים בקייב. ריקודים סלוניים ולטיניים

Group dance classes for all types of dance. This is the place to go for couples dancing: Tango, Salsa, Bachata, Swing, Waltz, Rock-n-Roll and Lindy Hop. We offer one-off workshops and multi-week courses for all levels so that you can not only learn a new dance, but make dance friends. Partner dancing is all about dancing in real life, so many of the groups take what they learn in the studio to the streets and the clubs. You can sign up as an individual or couple, since you will continuously change partners throughout class.
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